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''I can finally understand and speak Spanish and I'm improving every day.
I really like this method because we were learning in different ways. Before I started your course I would often give up because I just couldn't be interested in the normal teaching methods. But sinde I've been learning with your approach it's been a lot of fun and I have a great deal of interest in learning more. 
My friends and family have noticed that my Spanish has improved and I can also talk to my team colleagues now. 
I can fully recommend this very special way of learning. 
It's a lot of fun and you learn a lot. 
Thank you!"

The German national team and Real Madrid football player achieved astonishing success and improved his Spanish knowledge substantially within the shortest amount of time using the learning method.
Sami Khedira was able to learn the Spanish language within a very short time of intensive language training and could therefore integrate himself better into the team.

''After my 5-day intensive Spanish course in Madrid I was able to express myself correctly and now I can speak confidently in the national language. 
It is definitely the fastest method to learn a language! A method that is both entertaining and effective. 
I was able to improve my Spanish really quickly and also had a lot of fun!''

''After six weeks of intensive language training in Seville I'm perfectly capable of speaking to my team mates and my coach in the national language.
The language training has been very varied and super entertaining! The fact that my teacher also spoke my first language was fundamental to me giving me the opportunity to learn grammatical and local expressions in an easy way. 
It was a great experience learning a new language with this unique method and I'm very happy with the result!''
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''The key of success of this particular method is definitely the continuous application of the foreign language. My motivation was mainly sparked by the fast learning progress and the passionate coaches.
We were training many daily situations like negotiating business deals, calling a phone company, going to a shopping center or to having dinner in a restaurant. This helped building my self-confidence in the application of the language and made the use of the foreign language more practical.
The lessons are conversational and very varied. This method makes it easy to speak right from the first day and provides everybody with an extraordinary learning success.''

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"As a professional keynote-speaker and best-selling writer, language is vital for my day to day life. A new language opens the door to a new world. Many people associate learning a new language with previous experiences from school: effort, stress and failure. This is not the case with 3PHASE Lingua Group. It’s been a lot of fun, easy and very effective. After a few hours of language training I found myself speaking with locals with relative ease.
The learning process with 3PHASE Lingua Group was always playful, varied and entertaining. I could easily memorise the vocabulary because of the combination of games, relaxation, images and stories.
I highly recommend this unique learning method to everybody looking to learn a new language fast and effectively."

''The 3PHASE Lingua Group teaching programme convinces by its very unconventional as well as effective method. The lessons are dynamic and entertaining and are arranged in a way that even beginners are able to easily converse right from the start.
The method works through motivation and the student quickly obtains solid basic knowledge without too much of an effort. The necessary vocabulary is learned playfully in dialogues of everyday situations and can be applied immediately to''real life''.
Needless to say that the learning of the vocabulary can’t be avoided with the 3PHASE Lingua Group method either but the extent always remains manageable and viable - and the immediate feeling of success in the practical use is a sufficient motivation for the relatively low effort.
The 3PHASE LINGUA GROUP language learning method has absolutely convinced me and I evaluate this way of learning as a nice experience and confirmation to have learned a new language long after my school days.
Thank you very much!''

''Here a few lines in recognition of the extremely successful learning method with which I learned Spanish.
Thanks to 3PHASE Lingua Group I was able to speak the national language within the shortest possible time and I also had lots of fun!
I have been a racing driver for more than 25 years and therefore appreciate it very much if something is executed fast and efficiently.
Keep it up!''

''The course was quite varied and entertaining! For my professional future as well as for private use my linguistic proficiency is extremely important. The method is unique and not comparable with the conventional teaching methods.
I highly recommend this way of learning to anyone who wants to learn a language fast and effectively!''

''After our 30-hour Spanish training we can now express ourselves properly and understand the spoken language. Linguistic knowledge is of great importance to us for communicating with our employees and thereby the success of our company. The training was always amusing and very entertaining. We especially liked the flexibility, reliability, punctuality and professional organisation of the course. We can recommend 3PHASE Lingua Group to anyone looking to learn a foreign language fast and effectively by a reliable and competent team.''