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3PHASE Lingua Group featured as language school in a learn German app

The last mystery of mankind has been solved: The correct use of the three different articles in German grammar! A fun, hand-drawn app that makes the German learner a professional in no time at all!

Grammar books are no big help, and even if you find some rules, they are incomplete, dry and hard to remember, so the idea of ''Der, Die, Das App'' was born.

Learn 40 secret rules that even your German teacher doesn't know about. A ''zoo of rules'' has been created - as you walk through the zoo, you'll find many hand-drawn pictures and rules.

A fun game

Play your way through a beautiful hand-drawn landscape and visit the most famous places in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

3PHASE Lingua Group is glad to be included in the application as a partner school and to be able to recommend the learning app to its students to help them improve their German.

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3PHASE Lingua Group is your exclusive language school in Mallorca offering customised language courses for residents, business people and athletes.