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Do you want to learn a foreign language fast and efficiently? 

Do you lack the time to study words and grammar for weeks or even months? 

Then you are just right for 3PHASE Lingua Group!

Our Superlearning Method will accelerate the learning process! Learn, refresh or perfect hundreds of words within only a few days - rapidly and effortlessly.

Learning Spanish has never been this easy before!

  • Do you need to learn Spanish for work or business?
  • Are you planning on travelling? 
  • Have you been living in Spain or Majorca for quite some time? 
  • Are you looking to retire where the sun always shines?

Then our intensive Spanish 'Superlearning' courses are for you!

Our learning method has many advantages over other learning systems.
We avoid stress and pressure and we mainly focus on getting you speaking - fast!
Whatever method you use, the only way to really learn a language is to start speaking it.


Traditional methods depend on memorizing thousands of words, grammar and conjugations before focusing on conversation. We eliminate this by teaching how to use words you already know in English and speak them in Spanish.  This is all done in a no-stress, fun environment including relaxed-focus techniques and other methods to ensure everyone learns and participates.

Learn more easily with 'Superlearning': developed in the 1960's by Dr. Georgi Lozanov and popularized by the best-selling book 'The Mozart Effect', these learning methods have been proven to be more effective than traditional methods (as verified by this UNESCO report) and are unique to this course and not used by other Spanish learning systems. 

3PHASE Lingua Group uses creation techniques - not forced memorisation. Memorised words take months to learn, but can be forgotten within 90 days. Created words are never forgotten.
Experience a very playful and informal way of learning which is highly effective and long lasting!

Our courses are highly cost-effective: 

You may spend hundreds or even thousands of Euros with other courses, instructors and textbooks studying for hours and hours over months and years using the traditional old-fashioned techniques that you will quickly forget; or you could spend a fraction of that and be speaking Spanish in 5 days! 


  • Individual training and one-on-one coaching

  • Seminars for businesses and companies

  • Customised training at your residence

Most of our language courses are one-to-one tuition since we have learned from our experience that more information is retained during individual training or in very small groups rather than in a traditional school environment or in larger learning groups.
In our seminars we pay special attention not to mix different language levels and only combine participants of the same native language in the same course. Only that way we can guarantee that your learning objectives are met and we can maintain our high-quality standards!

Please email us your inquiry and we will explain more to you about our unique teaching methods and the procedures of our language courses.