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MARKO MARIN learns Spanish with 3PHASE Lingua Group in Seville

Marko Marin learns Spanish | 3PHASE Lingua Group | Language Course | FC Sevilla

New country, new language! After playing forMöchengladbach, Werder Bremen and Chelsea, Marko Marin now plays for FC Seville in Spain.

The “dribbling artist”, “wing whizzer” and German national team player Marko Marin is also known as the “German Messi”. He had to integrate as quickly as possible into the new Andalusian club FC Seville and learning the national language was of paramount importance to him. This allowed him to converse easily with his trainer and team mates on the pitch and also socially with them and new friends. It was also beneficial to him in his private life.

Marko Marin depended on the expertise and the experience of the 3PHASE Lingua Group, and after only 6 weeks of intensive training, could talk fluently in the national language and give press interviews in Spanish.

The specialist teaching techniques of the 3PHASE Lingua Group together with our experienced language trainers make learning interesting, entertaining and varied. After only a few lessons with us he praised our technique and success on Facebook:

We are pleased to report that the German media have already written articles about our specialist teaching method. Here is the article from the German newspaper ‘BILD’ about Marko Marin and our training:

Marko Marin is not only an extraordinary footballer but he is also a very intelligent individual keen on further education. He understood that there was no easy way around learning the national  language of Andalusia and he therefore put all his enthusiasm and effort into learning it fast and efficiently - with thanks to the special teaching method of the 3PHASE Lingua Group.

We would like to thank all collaborating companies and people who have made possible the language training with Marko Marin.

¡Hasta la próxima!

-  3PHASE Lingua Group  -

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