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We are very lucky to be able to employ the services of some highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic coaches as well as the most state-of-the-art training materials and locations.

3PHASE Lingua Group has a matchless team of professional coaches, all of whom are certified by our institute.

Through their efforts and contributions we have been able to build a multidisciplinary institution that accommodates different ways of thinking and fosters the exchange of experiences and relationships with other international organisations that specialise in language coaching and training. We generate and communicate new ideas about how to achieve excellence in this profession.

3PHASE Lingua Group is open to all who want to discover the immense potential of language coaching and training and to those who want to be taught in a highly ethical and professional way.


Alwin A.

Manager | Language coach

Balduin H.

Office manager | Language coach

Tatiana G.

Translations | Language Coach

Christian M.

Social Media Manager | PR Manager

Francisco S.

Sales Manager Spain | Accounting

Dirk P.

Sales Manager Germany | Counselling

Stephan S.

Hypnosis Coach