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We guarantee you the best possible learning result within a very short time thanks to our very special ''Superlearning'' method. 

We offer seminars for beginners, advanced students and specialist business courses. 

Does this sound familiar to you? Sitting at your desk for hours, pondering over grammar exercises, repeating vocabulary over and over... and all that without any result? Do you have the feeling you are getting nowhere? 

Then we have the solution for you! Forget learning English as you know it! 

Participate in one of our ''Superlearning'' seminars and experience a very different and special way of learning. 

You will not only learn English properly, but you learn it with all your senses and without stress and pressure.

All our trainers are qualified and specialized in ''Suggestopedia'' and know how to present the teaching material in various ways by means of games, music, movement and relaxation. Our seminars take place in an exclusive and relaxing environment which encourages successful and long-lasting learning. 

In addition to our English ''Superlearning'' courses for beginners and advanced students we also offer courses on the following subjects:  

  • Business English 

  • Commercial English 

  • Legal English 

  • English for football clubs and football players

We offer the course that is right for you! 

''Everyone who has learned his native language can also learn every other language, on the condition that one uses the method that he once used as a child.'' 


  • Individual training and one-on-one coaching

  • Seminars for businesses and companies

  • Customised training at your residence

Most of our language courses are one-to-one tuition since we have learned from our experience that more information is retained during individual training or in very small groups rather than in a traditional school environment or in larger learning groups.
In our seminars we pay special attention not to mix different language levels and only combine participants of the same native language in the same course. Only that way we can guarantee that your learning objectives are met and we can maintain our high-quality standards!

Please email us your inquiry and we will explain more to you about our unique teaching methods and the procedures of our language courses.