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Learn German in Mallorca with 3PHASE Lingua Group

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Have you always wanted to learn German

Have you spent many hours with private tutoring or a lot of money in language schools? 

You have long given up and German seems to be too difficult to learn? Then we have the solution for you! 

Due to our very special way of teaching we guarantee you successful learning of any language - even the more difficult ones like German! 

And that's how it works: 

The readiness to learn is increased by means of relaxation and by taking the pressure out of learning or training. 

Way back in 1965, Dr. Georgo Lozanov found out in a study that people in a relaxed but concentrated state learn extremely efficiently. 

The Accelerated Learning Method is based on hearing: texts are read aloud while preferably listening to baroque music (which corresponds to the heart rhythm). The learners take on a new identity. The new role helps to reduce inhibitions and to stimulate their fantasy. 

The participants’ success in learning is dependent on the suggestopedic abilities and skills of the trainer. Her task is to motivate the participants playfully through pantomime, role games, fantasy trips and puzzles. Accelerated Learning (Superlearning) is a method whose success greatly depends on the abilities of the trainer. 

The holistic approach to a language is the secret why the suggestopedic methods increase the learner’s ability to communicate much faster than with traditional lessons. Studies have proven that we can learn three times as fast. 

The psychologist, Professor Heinz Mandl, from Munich University, a respected expert for new learning methods, discovered twenty years ago, that correctly applied Accelerated Learning is twice as efficient in comparison to traditional language teaching. The decisive factor here, he says, is the different approach to the learner. 

The learner is not viewed as a recipient who has to be spoon fed. The secret is to put him/her into a state in which he/she feels good. Anyone who opens up to the games, the role changes etc., experiences success fast, and that motivates. In good suggestopedic training the motivation graph increases, in traditional teaching it usually sinks. 

What is the difference between traditional learning and Accelerated Learning? 

Traditional Learning 

-   Learning is often experienced as hard work 
-   Learning is most effective under pressure 
-   Monotonous learning of vocabulary leads to frustration 
-   Grammar is frequently difficult to understand and is very dry 

-> Result: A negative attitude to learning 
-> Learning information by heart 
-> Forgetting fast 

Accelerated Learning 

-   Learning is fun and is a life- enhancing experience 
-   Learning is most effective in a physically and mentally relaxed state 
-   The motivation to learn is increased, playful and inspiring learning 
     material and exciting learning novels 
-   The learner can develop his creativity e.g. by inspiring grammar exercises 

-> Result: A positive attitude to learning 
-> A high capacity to take in new information 
-> Good retention of material learnt

- Your 3PHASE Lingua Group Team - 

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