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3PHASE Lingua Group officially announces the language training with Mesut Özil

3PHASE Lingua Group officially announces the beginning of the language training with REAL MADRID football star MESUT ÖZIL!

Here is an interview with the German Newspaper BILD:

Q:  Mister Özil, the Spanish press is amazed with you and José Mourinho describes you as “magic.” Your president Florentino Pérez says you could be the best player who has ever played for Real Madrid.

A:  Oh, I didn’t know that. I don’t read the newspapers very often, but I feel very honored. Everything’s going very well right now…

Q:  Do you sometimes feel like you’re dreaming?

A:  At the beginning I thought I was dreaming. But in the meantime, I’ve realized that it’s real.

Q:  Describe a day of Mesut Özil at Real Madrid!

A:  I usually leave for the training at 9:15h – without a navigation system! The training starts at 10h or 10:30h and often lasts 90 minutes. Then I do an extra shift, mostly weight training. I’m at home at 14h and I eat something. Right after that I learn Spanish. And in the evening I go out to have dinner with friends.

Q: What makes Real Madrid the best club of the world?

A: It’s the perfect organization. The player only have to focus on football, the club handles everything else. For example, after the training session there are drinks and fresh fruit waiting in the locker room for us.

Q: Do you have a bodyguard?

A: No, I don’t need a bodyguard. I can go everywhere alone, even though people recognize me and talk to me when I’m at a restaurant. I want to get to know the city and have an independent life.

Q: Do you have a cook or a help at home?

A: I go out to eat very often but I’ve got someone to cook and help.

Q: The team consists of a lot of superstars. Isn’t it hard to have a good team spirit?

A: We are all very close. And everyone wants to be successful so we are very supportive. If one isn’t able to play, there’s always someone else to help. It’s like a family.

Q: Your coach looks very serious and strict. Does he ever joke around?

A: A lot! We all laugh a lot during our training sessions and in the locker room. Mourinho talks a lot with us. He praises us, but at the same time he tells us what we have to do better.

Q: Mourinho just talks Spanish with his players. How well do you understand him?

A: I understand a lot during the team conferences. Talking is harder, but it’s getting better. I learn a lot.

Q: Do you lie on your couch in the evenings and learn vocabulary?

A: Yes, that happens. I have to do homework too. How much I learn per week depends on the amount of games we have. Usually five hours and three times a week.

Q: Five hours of learning?!

A: No, I learn in a playful way. We go out shopping or do role plays. Or I order something in a Spanish restaurant. It’s so rotational that time passes very fast.

Q: Do you already speak Spanish in the locker room?

A: Well, sometimes. When I arrived there I had to make a speech. I told them how proud I am to play for Madrid and I wished them all luck and health. I spoke German and no one understood me, but nevertheless they applauded afterwards.

Q: So you’ve settled in very fast?

A: Yes. On my first day everyone came up to me and told me how glad they were that I’m here.

Q: Cristiano Ronaldo too?

A: Yes he came up to me too.

Q: Ronaldo always has a stunning body in all the photos. Tell us, does he really have that many muscles?  [Jajaja... the journalists are men!]

A: Yes, he has a lot…

Q: Jealous?

A: Not at all, because he works very hard. He’s always the last one to come back from the training grounds and the last one to leave the locker room.

Q: How many Ronaldo jerseys did you have to buy for your friends?

A: Just one, most of my buddies want my jersey.

Q: Did you make friends on the team?

A: I go out to eat with Marcelo and Higuaín very often [how do they communicate?]. And of course Sami Khedira. We’ve got some favorite restaurants we always eat at. Spanish food is very delicious.

Q: How many titles are you capable of winning this season?

A: A lot! La Liga, Copa del Rey, Champions League – the biggest club of the world wants all of them! There’s a lot of potential and we are on the right path. We want to prove this against Barcelona on Monday.

Q: Do you understand the meaning of “El Clásico” in Spain?

A: Of course, It’s the biggest derby of the world. It will be a fantastic game!

Q: Can there even be another club after Real?

A: I don’t think about that right now. I’ve got a six-year contract and I’m very proud to play here. I can’t imagine playing for a different club.

Q: Do you still follow the Bundesliga?

A: I do, on the Internet or on TV. I’ve got all the German programs.

Q: Your former club Werder Bremen is going through a big crisis. How do you feel about that?

A: I’m deeply sorry for them. But I’m convinced they’ll rise out of it.

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