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Heiner & Julia Tamsen


''The 3PHASE Lingua Group teaching programme convinces by its very unconventional as well as effective method. The lessons are dynamic and entertaining and are arranged in a way that even beginners are able to easily converse right from the start.
The method works through motivation and the student quickly obtains solid basic knowledge without too much of an effort. The necessary vocabulary is learned playfully in dialogues of everyday situations and can be applied immediately to''real life''.
Needless to say that the learning of the vocabulary can’t be avoided with the 3PHASE Lingua Group method either but the extent always remains manageable and viable - and the immediate feeling of success in the practical use is a sufficient motivation for the relatively low effort.
The 3PHASE LINGUA GROUP language learning method has absolutely convinced me and I evaluate this way of learning as a nice experience and confirmation to have learned a new language long after my school days.
Thank you very much!''