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3PHASE Lingua Group teaches the staff of the furniture store 'Terraza Balear'


The creation of beautiful living spaces is the passion of Terraza Balear! That's where lines, design and styles blend together to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The team of Terraza Balear is honoured to be invited into the intimate and personal spaces of their customers and to create a cozy nest from these, where family and friends are welcomed and harmony and well-being are reflected in every room of the house in a natural way.

Under the motto "at home in the garden", Terraza Balear transforms your garden, your terrace or the interior of your home into a living area with a special atmosphere.

Terraza Balear pampers you and your property with the finest furniture. Furthermore, you will find other well-known brands from garden furniture, accessories, outdoor kitchens as well as many beautiful decorative details.

The aim of this company is to make the interiors of your home an individual masterpiece. The decor of each room requires a sense of empathy, a taste and a trained eye for design. Discover the new luxury living concept for a comfortable life at home!

3PHASE Lingua Group is very pleased to teach a large part of the Terraza Balear staff in the languages German, English and Spanish, thus contributing to better customer understanding and a good service to the most demanding customers.

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