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3PHASE Lingua Group becomes official partner of the initiative 'German Football Ambassador'

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3PHASE Lingua Group relies on strong partnerships and has therefore been incorporated as a partner agency in the conveyance of the initiative 'German Football Ambassador'.

3PHASE Lingua Group exclusively interviewed by Radio One Mallorca

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3PHASE Lingua Group was invited to a live on air presentation in the studios of Radio One Mallorca this week.

3PHASE Lingua Group starts German course with Golf Son Vida staff

Language Holidays, Palma de Mallorca, Spanish Courses, French Courses, German Courses, Language Courses, 3PHASE Lingua Group, Language School

The Arabella Golf Son Vida is the most famous golf course in Mallorca and is well-known among players throughout Europe. The British architect F. W. Hawtree, inspired by the lush mediterranean

Discover Mallorca with our exclusive language holidays!

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Palma de Mallorca is liked not only by independent travellers, families and tourists on all inclusive holidays but also for 'language travelling'. 


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